Shoe Maintenance

How We Maintain Our Shoes

Each shoe is well-maintained using first-rate cobblers and is thoroughly cleaned and deodorized using a UV ray technique and disinfecting cleaners. This treatment and sterilization method is scientifically proven to kill 99.9% of pathogenic germs, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi to ensure that our member customers are protected. We also place shoe protectors on the soles of our shoes to help keep our shoes looking like new.

What You Can Do

Please treat our shoes as if you are borrowing them from a close and well-respected friend or family member. While we expect normal wear and tear with every shoe rental, there are a few actions you could take to ensure you do not incur any shoe repair costs:

  • Do not remove the sole protector
  • Make your best effort to keep the shoes dry (i.e., not walking in puddles or in the rain for extended periods of time, spilling drinks, etc)
  • Refrain from walking long distances in the shoes. Consider bringing a pair of flats or walking shoes to reduce the amount of damage to the shoe.
  • Avoid walking in unstable surfaces (i.e., dirt, sand, mud, rocks)
  • Avoid excessive jumping, stomping, running and other activities that could damage the heel
  • Return the shoes in the dust bag provided to avoid an additional charge

When our shoes are returned in good condition, we may offer future discounts to our member customers as a token of our sincere appreciation.